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Geek Out: Supersonic Divorce Machine

I was poking around on one of the inter-tubes and came cross XTERRA pro triathlete conrad stoltz's website and --- holy balls, WTF is THAT?

Ho. ly. shit. What ... what IS that? Is that a CARBON tandem bike? On SRAM S80 wheels?

Why is there no front gear -- what the fuck they put a SHAFT DRIVE on this thing? I didn't even know those existed on bikes. How much production value did they put into this thing?

Are you kidding - SRAM Red with disk breaks? Maybe my tandem which weighs 8x as much shouldn't rely on a coaster brake ...

[Update: I completely forgot to mention this before. What orangutan are they going to find to ride stoker on that thing? I mean look at the saddle to handlebar drop! did they design this for humans? Or did they intend the stoker's nose is going to be jammed in the pilot's ass for aerodynamic reasons?]

1 comment:

  1. I hear that drive is a bad muthatf...
    [shut your mouf(th)]
    I'm just talking 'bout shaft.

    Seriously I'm willing to be that someone (err two someones) shows up with one of these at masters nationals. It'll be fun to watch Rick and Nema destroy in any case.