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The Lifestyle: B-Foz Gets Rad In Snow Cross

Fellow UW Cycling alumni and blogger B-Foz was out representing the Madison TREK shop team when he got what he called "a big serving of h8ter" coming over the barriers at the annual Cyclo-Frost CX race during the Madison Winter Festival last weekend. Sadly, Fozzy reported that the famous Cyclo-Frost whiskey handup (a flask of whiskey passed around among the racers during the race) was absent this year.

I was at the Winter Festival last year and it was a great time. They put down a layer of snow around the capitol and between that and lake Menona 200m away they have XC skiing, CX biking, speed skating, snow boarding and I think they managed to work a 5k in there somewhere.

Between the olympics and the blizzards we got earlier this month I definitely would have loved to check it out again this year.

Check out Fozzy's blog for more bike racing antics and thanks for reading.

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