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SOTW: Despite What You've Been Told - Two Gallants

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Sorry for the brief posting hiatus the last few weeks. Snow and work sidetracked me. However, I've been actively searching for a new SOTW and Pandora eventually tipped me of to the San Francisco based alt-country duo Two Gallants. From their 2007 eponymous 3rd album here is Despite What You've Been Told.

Adam Stephens' slightly strained vocals reminds me of a downtempo Langhorne Slim or a smoother Deertick. Tyson Vogel's driving beats, alternating between country and rock, complete their sound.

And lyrically, man what a track! This is real honest music about two lovers who are not in love, at least not with each other.

You are just a substitute
For the one I hold dear
You know you could be anyone
God forgive my tasteless tongue

Hardly anyone writes about this stuff, and not in such a scathingly honest way. If you're everbeen in this situation I would dare say this is dead. fucking. on.

Yes, I guess I made this bed
But I'll take the sidewalk instead.

Have a great week. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Perhaps that is a little more poetic/less crass than "You can sleep on the guest cot, I'll sleep in the wet spot.", but the sentiment is the same.

    And yes, as they say in the golf world, that is "on the screws".