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2nd Annual Bryan Fosler Spring Break Facial Hair Contest

Just send this out the UW Team. Can't wait.


Hi --

I think the subject line says it all. 

Here are the rules based on last year's contest (and pending Fosler's approval):

  1. Facial hair must cut into whatever form it will take before the start of the Chirahalla ride on Friday April 2nd. It may not be modified through the ride, through dinner, and until judging. This is the minimum amount of time for your facial hair. Longer use is encouraged and should be reflected in the judging.

  2. Costumes, hair styling, props, skits, power point presentations, etc are encouraged and should be reflected in the judging.

  3. Fake facial hair is acceptable though the same minimum use requirements apply. Women are encouraged to compete under this category. Women competing with natural facial hair will be subject to random drug tests for performance enhancing substances.

  4. If anyone can find the mustache Reistad used in his "Mannshaft" interview -- the one that looks like he cut it off a muppet -- that would make me very happy.

  5. Judging will be performed in some arbitrary manner. Probably something like a committee will choose some finalists and them the winner will be selected by mob rule ("democracy").

  6. Small, meaningless prizes may be presented. Most likely from the dollar store or stolen off peoples bikes while everyone is voting.

  7. I just realized I forgot to sent Waite my 2nd spring break payment

  8. If these rules seem vague or arbitrary that's probably because it's a facial hair contest we're going to judge while we're drunk.

Put down that razor. You have 25 days.


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  1. Here's some mustache action at work.