All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.
- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

My Training: February Training Report

Here's my training for the month of February. I've added some screenshots from a social training site I've been using this year called Great site founded by a UW Cycling Team and Tri Team alumnus. Definitely suggest you check it out and look me up.

By the numbers:

Cycling: 500M - 38:06:00
Running: 28M - 3:13:00

Total: 528M - 41:19:00

So in terms of mileage things are good! I'm in a base phase and I averaged 1.5 hours of cardio a day in Feb. I'm also increasing my load;I ran 8 more miles and road almost 150 more mile than in January. Looking at my 2009 training I have 20 more hours of this year then at the same time last year. I was concerned that I wasn't getting as many long rides in as compared to last year but looking at my log I still think I'm getting enough long rides in while staying more consistent in my training.

But I added more than just mileage this month:

  • Periodization

    This year I knew I needed to be more specific in my training. I consciously decided NOT to do this in 2009 because frankly I still felt like I needed to figure out what road cycling was all about before I started parsing my training too finely. For better or worse I understand my racing needs better now and am training to meet them. I've drawn up a 30 week training plan but I didn't do it alone ...

  • Advice

    Now while they would claim they "didn't do anything" I do have to give a tip of my cycling cap to Dr. K & Tank. Their modesty aside it's great to have a Cat1 and Cat2 to advise me on my training and racing. Tank has been helping me on my cornering and suggesting workouts. Dr K lent me the Cyclist's Training Bible, and sent me some coaching materials he used when he was at U of I. I used that and my running experience to cook up and plan and we've iterated on it. Mostly we just kick around ideas but even that is helpful -- and fun.

  • Intervals

    I've started doing 2x20 min intervals at my lactic threshold. Starting these this early in the season (which is when you should start doing them) is going to pay off in the spring. Finally getting my HR monitor back out to know where my LT is really producing some quality training sessions.

  • Easy/Hard

    I've bee working on keeping my easy days easy and my hard days hard. It's difficult because in high school we were raised on the mentality that someone, somehwhere, was working out and you had to work harder then that person today to beat them. We even had shirts to that effect. But you can't train that way. I now organize my weeks to make sure I'm rested and ready to destroy my intervals and long rides. I let my body rest when it needs to. Or at least I'm trying.

  • Core Strength

    The beginning of Lent and the pushup contest over at the Fleet street house inspired me to take up core strenght training again in the form of alternating days of upped body (chin ups, pull ups and various types of pushups) and abs/back. While all this has training benefits the part I most enjoy is that since none of this affects my legs I can hit these workouts as hard as I want whenever I need the satisfaction of a killer workout.

I ran the RRCA 10M challenge on the last day of the month. As expected it was my slowest 10M ever but I was fine with it. I gave out girls team some helpful and much appreciated pacing through 6M and most importantly our team swept all the awards. Couldn't be prouder -- race report to follow (I promise).

Looking Ahead:

March is going to be a BIG month for me. I've got my first 2 cycling races of the year which also happen to be my first 2 MTB races EVER. The first will be the 4hr endurance Michaux Mash on the 14th (I know how to ease into it right?) and then the Sugar Hill XC race in Patapsco on the 20th. On the 26th I leave for spring break for 9 days in the mountains of N.C. with the UW Cycling team. Wouldn't be surprised to put in well over 350M down there.

Across the country race results should start coming in this month. UW Cycling has started it's road season. Bren is looking to drop a very fast 1/2 Mary at the National Half Marathon while Alyssa looks to continue her Ultra running dominance in a Missuri running stage race. Dr. K and the LSV elite team will also open up their road season at the end of March.

Hope everyone had a good Feb of training followed by a great March.


  1. Impressive mileage . Have fun this March , cant wait to read about your race reports .... love the twitter handle

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