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- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

The Lifestyle: Experience vs Possessions

I came across a blog post on the Unclutter Blog (read the original post here) about a Cornell study (original study here) showing that experiences brings greater happiness and satisfaction than buying or owning possessions. 
It should be obvious to anyone who reads this blog that this idea is central to my lifestyle and the topics I blog about. 
I could write a thesis about this idea. I have a lot to say about how this connects to an athletic lifestyle, traveling, minimalism, risk perception, career decisions, time management, my generation's values, why I own so many damn bikes, etc. But I'm crunched for time so I'll just summarize and say I'm glad, but not surprised, that science is showing what I've been saying for years: 
Life is for having adventures.
More and more as I get older and find myself unsure about a decision I ask myself "What will make a better story?". I once had a friend who told me she thought this was a terrible idea -- why should I live my life based on doing things for the sake of having a story people will want to hear? I told her she was missing the point -- I want my life to be a story I want to hear. 
This might not be the best advice in all situations but it's given me fewer hangovers, cuts, bruises, empty wallets and ruined relationships than you might think. And now there is a study showing that maybe making memories worth remembering is the way to a happy life. 
Makes sense to me.
Party on kids,

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  1. My interest is definitely piqued. I'd love to read the manifesto sometime if you're feeling up to writing it. I'll otherwise keep a look out for it in bits and pieces amongst future posts.

    I'm in the process of trying to alter my lifestyle from that of a hoarding, stuff-centric, recent college grad to a light-on-my feet, stripped-down adventure junkie.

    By the way, what kind of beer have you been drinking lately?