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My Training: March Training Report

[2010 weekly biking milage via DailyMile]

March was another good month of training for me. This was my last month of base and I intended it to be my biggest month of training for this year. I did that and it gave me a nice high volume to slowly work down from for the rest of the year as I continue to add more high intensity workouts and need more rest.

Here's how it went:

Biking: 879M / 60'00"
Running: 8M / 1'01"
Total: 887M/ 61'02"

I'm real excited about those numbers. That's over 2 hours a day of training, by far my highest monthly volume ever. This was no doubt largely due to achieving my goal of holding an 3/hr per day average over the 8 days of my spring break training trip down to North Carolina to meet up with the UW Cycling team

I also got 4 sets of 2x20s in as well as a 60 min tempo and the grab bag of hard efforts I put in over spring break. I'm happy about that because that's all the LT work I'm going to have to carry me through my early season races.

Most importantly I'm having fun and feel fresh - physically and mentally. 

I only had one race in March, the AFC Sugar Hill XC on the 20th. It was my first MTB race ever and I picked up my first win on two wheels there. You can read the full race report here.

Looking Ahead:

Right now I am strong but not fit -- which is where I want to be at this point in my season. I've put in big miles (over 1,500M this year) as well as some endurance and LT workouts. I can ride for long periods of time and have worked on developing and holding hard efforts for 20 - 60 min. 

Now it's time to get fit

More so than running or triathlons road cycling is about racing - not time trialing but racing. I've made the mistake in the past of thinking a balanced steady effort can bring you success in cycling like it did for me in running and tris. 

But cycling is about attacking - frequently and hard. 

Now is the time of the year I need to work on developing busts of power for 10 min or less to break away from the poleoton, chase down or bridge a break away, bang out a long climb or surge over a short one, give a 1k leadout or sprint for the W. 

These are aspects to my riding I've never really focused on developing before so I'm pretty excited. I'm doing my research and asking the faster guys for advice -- it should be a fun experiment.

One of my goals this year is to gain experience and as a result I'm going to be racing a lot early in the season. This should also allow me to see where I stand against other guys in my category over a wide variety of races. Based on what happens this month I'll pick my focus of the rest of the season.

Coming up this month in racing:
  • 04/10: Michaux Mash (rescheduled, 4hr MTB)
  • 04/17: SoYoCo (Road Race)
  • 04/18: Carl Dolan (Road Race)
  • 04/24: Farmersville (Road Race)
  • 05/01: Turkey Hill (Road Race)
  • 05/02: Bunny Hop (Crit)
March was a great month of training with a surprise race win, 8 awesome days in North Carolina, quality workouts and lots of riding in general. With a full race schedule and harder/faster workouts April is looking to be even better!
Hope everyone else it having a great year as well. Best of luck to all!
Thanks for reading!

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