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News (Loosely Speaking): WTF Sasquatch @ SSCXWC

Just look at this fucking ad.

I mean. Just. Fucking. Look at it.

What the shit balls is going on?

From looking at it I have no idea what this an ad for other than maybe a Hipster (see PBR sponsor) LARP (the thing where nerds play dress up and fight medieval "battles"). I would expect to see PBR tall-boys, beards similar to the one in the advert and probably a smattering of hippies. Hell, maybe some LTBG groups, environmentalists, Bigfoot believers, Phisheads, and maybe someone from the Jelly Belly Pro Cycling team.

Turns out I'm correct on all counts.

Unless you have a sleeve-tattoo or day-drink Whiskey you might not know that Seattle, Washington will host the 2010 edition of the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships (SSCXWC). This is their promo.

And apparently the Jerry Garcia/Sasquatch/CareBare animal thing is their mascot.


It kicks the pant off the weird green anthropomorphic Japananimation Liger thing they picked for the 2010 World Cup (of soccer) mascot

Also, the flyer implies there will be candy, so I'm in.


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