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- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

Copa NoVa White Belt Middleweight

This was my 2nd match of the day. There were an odd number of guys in my bracket so by luck of the draw I got a by out of the first round. If I won my first match I would have had been in the top 4 with 2 more matches and a shot at a metal.

Unfortunately, I lost the match. I'm pretty sure I failed to even score an advantage, meaning I had 0 points for the entire tournament. But, as far as losses go, I was OK with this one. I stuck to my game so now I know what I need to improve. Below is the match video with comments. I'm in all white, he's in blue. The guy you can hear yelling on camera is directing my opponent. My teammate in gray right in front of the camera is doing the same to me. You can't hear him in the video, but I could during the match.

  • 0:00 - I work my standing guard break but I fail to transition into as pass.
  • 0:20 - Repeat.
  • 0:40 - He takes my back in the scramble and tries to choke me with the collar of my gi. 
  • 1:15 - There's a lot of foot fighting going on here. I'm trying to hook his feet away from my legs and body so I can twist around to face him again. He's still trying to choke me.
  • 1:50 - Get my guard back but I can't sit up ("posture up"). I was thinking "this is bad".
  • 2:10 - He lands a triangle choke. I try to stand up to stack him and break the choke but he pulls my leg out from under me. I eventually tap.
Like I said, my guard break and my defense when he took my back were both pretty good. I've been practicing transitioning from my guard break to my pass this week and I think that's going to lead to some very different matches this weekend.

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  1. Do you do any type of spinning over the winter/off-season? I noticed you mentioned something about training starting in a couple of weeks. I'm curious if you do base-building in the months you're not racing (after a proper rest/vacation, of course!).

    You look a little tense in the video, by the way, almost like you're waiting for the other guy to make his move first, and then you react. But what do I know - I've only ever watched bjj/mma/etc on the tv/internet.