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- Rod Dixon

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Got My Creative Commons License!

If you scroll to the bottom of your site you'll notice I now have a neat little badge for my Creative Commons license. This little guy basically serves as a copywrite on my blog. Not that anyone would want to steal the gibberish I toss up here but it does give the place a nice professional touch.

Plus, it's kinda fun to say I have one.

For those who don't know Creative Commons is a nonprofit that helps people license their work in the public domain. Rather than registering my blog with them, or anything formal like that, Creative Commons instead provides a general set of guidelines for different levels of using your work. You pick the one you want and then link to the document as an explicit guideline.

If you want to do this for your own blog head over to the creative commons site and fill out a simple anonymous form. It takes about 2 min.

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