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The Lifestlye: 2011 Cyclocross Nationals

The USAC 2012* Cyclocross Nationals will be held in Madison, WI, my alma mater's hometown. I still have tons of friends in Madison, almost all of who race bikes. I love to visit there and I love a good adventure so this 2011 goal was minted as soon as I heard about the venue even though I've only done 1 XC race.

But, in order to better fit the international cyclocross schedule (and those american riders hoping to compete at worlds) USAC as move the US championships from the 2nd week in December (2011) to ... the 1st weekend in January (2012). I don't know if you've ever been to Madison in January but the average high ... is 26 degrees.


Not to mention I'll have to peak while traveling to Chicago over Christmas and New Years (definitely no champagne at midnight).

But then I look at this picture of my buddy B-foz doing a little winter CX racing in Madison last winter and I get equal parts scared and excited.

Well, I've got a year. Let's see what happens.

*Technically there will be no 2011 US CX Championships because the championships after the 2010 edition will be held in 2012 because of the change in date.

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