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Friday - 03/24/06 - Surgery

Today started as any important day in my life does - my alarm didn't go off.

Having gone to bed at 2 am I got up at 6:45 for my 7 am appointment. I got ready pretty quick since I had been instructed to stop eating and drinking at midnight, wear loose pants and no contacts. So I pretty much rolled out of bed and out the door.

In a beautiful moment of irony I ran the 2 blocks to the hospital.

By 8 am I had cleared all the basic tests. Then they set me up in a gurney and wheeled me into patient holding. There my anesthesiologist plugged in my i.v. drip and got me going on some antibiotics. Then Dr. Turnipseed came in and gave me a 2 min run down of what he was going to and my recovery instructions till Monday when I go back in to have my dressings changed. Dr. Turnipseed is one of, if not, the leading surgeons who perform this procedure. Maybe it's because he's done it so many times, but he always seems bored to me.

Then a nurse came and wheeled me into operating room number 15. There were a couple of other nurse prepping in the room and they all said hello and I was transferred to the operating table.
I remember looking at the huge lights and the masked faces and thinking "Gee, this is just like TV".

It really pisses me off that we live in a world where we compare real life to TV and not the other way around. That's probably why I don't own one.

Then the anesthesiologist came in and explained that they would be using local anesthesia on my legs and that they would be giving me an i.v. drip that would leave me semi-conscious but I wouldn't remember anything.

Well he started up the i.v. and I looked up at the lights and they slowly became very interesting and I think I started grinning. I remember asking,

"Hey you have an Pink Floyd you could put on right now?"

Someone one said something like "no, not on me right now". And then I think they mumbled something and I heard rock music. There were hands on me and a voice said "OK, you're done!"

Bilateral lateral anterior compartment release and faciectomy for chronic exertion compartment syndrome takes about an hour - I slept right through the whole thing.

They wheeled me back to my hospital room and I was my usual chatty self. They gave me some crackers and some Sprite and then I passed out for about an hour. I woke up, more crackers and Soda and passed out again.

When I came to again I asked what was next. They said they wanted me to try my crutches to get to the restroom and urinate when I felt ready. Well I was feeling good and ready by this point so I slowly got out of bed and onto my feet (ouch) and painstakingly made my way over to the restroom. The nurse asked me if I was alright because I was making some funny faces and I told her I was fine (lie).

Once I got out of the rest room I collapsed into the chair/bed they had pulled up to the door and immediate broke out into a cold sweat, mumbled something about nausea and dizziness and passed out for another hour.

Next time I came to I was finally ready to go. Will came and picked me up and took me home where I got ready for a weekend of rest and drugs.

Oddly enough I hardly thought about running the whole day.

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