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Saturday - 09/02/06 - Cow Chip 5k Race Report


So I made the classic mistake of looking at the race results from the year before and deciding that I could win the race.

It was a nice cool September morning and I drove up to the race with a handful of grad students from the astronomy department and their friends.

This was a last minute decision to run this race but it was local, only $18 and I was starting to get itchy for a race.

Well to make a long story short, I went for the win. Or should I say I went for 2nd. Matt Groose, a local USAT national qualifier, was in the race and was going to run a 15:00 for an easy win.

So I went for 2nd. I went out in a group of 4 guys. I took turns at the front trying to break up the group and secure my place early. I wasn't wearing a watch because I feel like I focus too much on time that way but I knew the pace was fast. I didn't know if it was too fast but I was committed and was going to see it out until I either broke them or knew I had to back off.

I found out faster we went thought the mile at 5:08. I was dropped by the 2 mile but I think I was still about 10:50.

I was done after that though. In the last mile I just tried to hold my place and finished 5th with a miserable 17:55 - my slowest time in 2 years.

Well as my friend Rich Shinsako once said to me (and this is the only good post-bad-race advice I've ever been given), "You had a plan and you stuck to it. Maybe it wasn't the best plan but you did what you set out to do. That's all you can do".

So with my lack of interval and high intensity work going out hard was not the best for me to race at this point in the season. I think if I had gone out slower I could have picked off 4th and won my age group (I got 2nd instead) but oh well.

Still got a medal!

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