All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.
- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

Week of 06/06/07 - Week 3

At Penn State for an Astrostatistics Summer School

32 min run
10x pushups
5x diamond pushups

31 min run

25 min swim
5 min w/u
5 min @ 10 lengths moderate, 1 length underwater
5 min @ 3 lengths recovery, 1 length sprint
5 min @ 2 lengths recovery, 2 length sprint
5 min @ 4 lengths recovery, 4 length sprint
20 min run

10x pushups
5x diamond pushups

Got a solid day in today - very happy. After class I headed to the pool. It was a crappy ~20 yrd hotel pool with a 3ft shallow end. It was just me and pretty boring at first. I cooked up a random bunch of sets and took generous breaks in between to keep myself interested. Topped it of with a pretty exhausted run - but in a good way. Nice running around Penn State - great hills. I was really glad I'm holding myself to higher standards and not just settling for a 25 min workout. Everything still feels pretty good in terms of injury prevention though I probably could stretch a bit more. I'd like to break 4 hours this week but with traveling and school all day I'll be glad to break 3.


We had a big banquette today for my summer school class. No time to train but we did get great food and wine. Afterwards the students went out dancing. Good times

No idea. It's been too long...

40 min run

Managed to get a 40 min run in becuase today was the last day of classes and we didn't go the full day.


Today was travel day from Penn State to Baltimore. Still groggy from the bars I slept for about 90 min in the hotel lobby so I wouldn't miss my shuttle to the airport. I was beat and slept most of the afternoon. I wandered out of my house at about 9 pm, ate some subway and then went back to bed.

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