All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.
- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

Week of 07/23/07 - Base Week 10

52 min run
20 min swim

2X[300 yrd swim + 100 kick]

Did a pretty chill run with Arjun just under 7 min pace. We ran into tank on the way and chatted a bit. He was pretty badly scratched up from a crit last weekend down in DC. He finished well (teens) considering someone crashed out in front of him at the finish. The pace was fast - an average of 27 mph for a cat 4 race. Only 30 some of the 85 riders who started finished.

2 hr 30 min ride
30 min run

Rode withe Tank. It's interesting, 10 weeks into my training I'm now a lot stronger than I was but as s result I need to work more and more to get to the same level of manageable exhaustion you get from a good workout. That means that I can get back from a late 2.5 hour ride at 9:15 and then still have to go out for a run - and still hit sub 7's.

It's cool but exhausting at the same time. And it slowly dominates your life...

3 hr ride
~50 miles

Truth be told I wasn't really looking forward to today's ride. At the end of yesterday's ride tank had promised me a 60 miler. I felt fine but I wasn't really wild about spending another long evening on the bike. And as seems to be the theme the first hour of the ride was horrible for me. Every time I would get distracted I would fall off pace and tank would get 30m on me and I wouldn't feel like chasing. But we talked about it later and decided that I just need a really long warm up. And it must be true because once again I was up next to tank chatting away after about an hour. I pounded up the Jerome Jay and Blouny climbs on the way back.

There's talk of doing a crit in Pennsylvania this weekend. I'm on the fence about it. I don't want to pay $25 + gas to get tossed around, waste energy chasing wheels and then get dropped like a rookie.

10 min swim
65 min run
7:04 mile pace
~155 bpm

Today I ran on treadmill at the Hopkins Fitness Center. NEVER AGAIN. I sweated into my socks. It was disgusting. I also was so bored I wanted to cry. I tried to swim beforehand too, which also sucked. It turns out during lunch you can only swim in the diving well becuase the camp kids are in the main pool. Also, I was confused about when the pool closed so I only got a 10 min swim in.

Rest Day

Glorously lazy.

4/5 Crit

God Knows Where, PA


I don't even know where today's race was - somewhere in PA not too far from here. The course was sweet. 1 mile laps with a 1/2 mile straight followed by a 90 degree turn, two chicanes (sp?) and then a 120 degree trun back onto the straight. There were ~60 guys are the start for the 4/5 field.

I was out the back pretty fast. Again, cornering is still a skill I'm developing. I was pissed at myself but I kept pedaling because...well that's just what you do in a race. I was dropped hard but I kept going. Slowly but surely I start warming up to the turns. I started taking them harder and harder and finally started getting comfortable. I really feel like I was able to train myself to look where I WANT to go in a turn and not just where my bike is pointed. For some reason this makes all the difference with me.

So I got lapped and didn't finish BUT I made it 15 of the 18 laps (miles). So I rode 15 miles in the time the top 30 guys in the field rode 16 miles as a pack. I think that says great things about my fitness and I'm really excited about my potential right now.

I think today was a great learning opertunity for my cornering skills and I really feel ready to sit in the middle of a fast pack. I just hope I get some more races in this summer!

67 min run
9.2 miles
Falls and Lake

Ran a little off 7:15 pace which I was happy with considering yesterday was This is in addition to the general rolling hills of Roland Ave.

I know last week i said I do this because I want to live an extraordinary life but I think there's more to it then that. When I first started running in high school I had just been cut from the soccer team and I though my life was over. Running was just something I was doing to stay in shape until I could try out again next year.

I never went to tryouts next year.

Back then I think things were simpler. The team was where my friends were. I wanted - desperately - to be good at something and running offered me my best shot. And though I was never great I loved it.

I invested a lot into my running, emotionally and otherwise. And I think as I've gotten older my training has changed with me. In hindsight making it to STATE doesn't seemly nearly as important as the lasting friendships I made and took for granted as part of the process.

But there is still the appeal of the act of running so fast that other people say "damn..."

Or better yet so fast that I make myself say "damn..."

I guess it's just Sunday evening and I'm feeling philosophical.


Swim 30 min
Bike 6 hr 30 min
Run 3 hr 30 min

Total 10 hr 33 min

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