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- Rod Dixon

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Geek Out: NEW BIKE!

I DID IT! After a month of eBay stalking, a couple of near misses and a last second attempt by someone to bid me out I have finally bought my new road bike. Behold:

2007 Specialized Tarmac Expert
All carbon frame and fork
Used but never crashed
eBay Price: $600.00

The 2009 model has an MSRP of $3,700 (built up). This is my dream bike. I've always thought it looked great and loved the color scheme. I love the bladed seatpost with the rear wheel cut away. It's supposed to be great to race on from everyone I're talked to. Really excited to put some miles on this once I get it built up (not till Feb.) Here are some more pics:


  1. nice frame, but if you think i'm calling you "expert", you've got another thing coming.

  2. NICE ALEX! Congrats dude! Soooo ... how are you going to build it up?!