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News (Losely Speaking): Lance Drops 'Em

So I know I tend to get all up on Lance Armstrong's nuts but it's hard not to since he's so visible on the pro cycling and media radar. For example take these pics my college roommate sent to me:


People amaze me. Who can look themselves in the eye and say:

"Today I'm going to make myself a velvet costume that looks like Charlie Brown meets the Honey Nut Cheerios Mascot, put on a hairband and make myself some accessories with my favorite craft paste. Then after all that work I'm going to chase around the ToC for about 10s to raise awareness about already well-known allegations that Lance is a doper. That's what I'm going to do today. That's my contribution to humanity."


Oh, but what's this? Lance's grabbing him! I hope Lance doesn't fall like he did when collided with a spectator in the TdF. I mean it's kinda hard to balance a bike and -


Wow. That's actually fairly embarrassing.


And everyone laughs. Don't mess with Texas I guess.


  1. You mean that you "tend to get all up on Lance Armstrong's NUT".

  2. DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS is right

    I like the one dude from Astana's face - looks like he's smiling. Is it Chris Horner? I think he's riding for them these days, kind of looks like him.

  3. I'm positive you that's Andy Schleck in the white CSC about 6 riders back.

  4. That is Schleck that you are talking about for sure, and he is smiling. I'm talking about the Astana kit a few riders behind lance, blue vest. Chris Horner.

  5. The one with the bandage on his knee?