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SOTW: Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook

As promised the song of the week is still going strong. This week's selection come from Iceland's Sigur Rós. The track is called Gobbledigook and is off their well-received 2008 release Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, which in case you are not one of the 300,000 people in the world who speak Icelandic translates to "With Buzzing In Our Ears We Play Endlessly".

Sigur Rós is one of the few groups who sing in a foreign language I don't speak and I still enjoy. A few others in this category include Manu Chao, Ladysmith Black Mumbaza and Lil' Wayne.

This song is fun in and of itself but I've written up some instructions for maximum enjoyment of this songs exuberance and silliness.
  1. Wait for summer. Preferably a Friday.
  2. Get stuck in traffic on your way home.
  3. Roll down the windows, max out the bass and put this song on
  4. Start pounding on baseline on the steering wheel with both hands
  5. Sing the "Lalalas" as loud as possible.
  6. Ignore but treasure everyone else's reactions.

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