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- Rod Dixon

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Odds And Ends - That's So Baltimore

Every now and then I see something that involuntarily brings the phrase "That's so Baltimore" to my mind. I think it started one day last summer when Ryan and I were driving to run at Patapsco and Ryan said something like:

"Look her - typical Baltimore hottie. Looks attractive from afar but when you get close you see that she's broke down and 35. Typical."

Since then I've noticed a lot of things that are "So Baltimore", things like mobile bail bond stations, Mt. Vernon flooding for no real reason last weekend, our Mayor getting indited over $200 worth of gift card and a giant pile of salt in the middle of an otherwise unsalted and icy road. These things don't even phase me. As long as it as it hasn't been set on fire AND stolen we just shrug that kinda thing off in the Charm City.

But in the spirit of things that are really Baltimore (as an adjective) I spotted this parked across the street from me. Walked by it. Stopped. Turned, stared and took this pic:

Now that's sooo Baltimore. That's how we roll.

Stay true to the game players.

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