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- Rod Dixon

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The Word On The Street: TMI from Alyssatard

After Fed Hill on Monday night:

Alyssatard: "Guys, I really need to [censured]"
Alex: "Seriously?"
Arjun: "Wow!"
Brennan: "What?!"
Alex: "I thought you said CamleToe for a second ... but this is much worse.
Brennan: "Why would you even say that?!"
Alex: "What did we do to make you think we were that close?"
Arjun: "Can we not be that good of friends anymore?"
Alex: "Yeah, can we like degrade our friendship?"
Brennan: "Can we pretend we're somewhere in time and space
where that never happened?"
Alyssatard: "What? ... well ... I do. Seriously."

I'm not sure of Arjun, Brennan and I who said what, but we all thought all of these things and someone said them. Love you Alyssa!

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  1. hahaha...I'm going to keep saying more innapprop things so I get more posts in my honor!