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I received this recently on UW Cycling listserv:

Hello fellow facial hair growers and spring-breakers,

The long awaited mustache contest is closing in on us so I am very pleased to announce the 2009 UW Cycling spring break mustache and beard contest.

What is the mustache contest all about?: It is about making friends, riding bikes and most importantly growing weird facial hair. So I encourage everyone to participate and put on their best 'stache or beard in an effort to bring the essence of UW Cycling to North Carolina!

How do I participate?: Just show up to spring break with your best grown facial hair-do. The actual judging will take place during spring break and more details to follow as soon as we get to NC. Ladies can partake in this spiritual experience as well, see rules below.

1. Real Hair
- yes this means the actual stuff that grows on your face
2. Fake Hair - this one is for the ladies and men who just can't sprout a plethora of whiskers quite yet
3. Mixed - using a combination of Real and Fake hair to make a stellar presentation

Judging: You will be judged on a 0-10 point scale on the following criteria
1. Creativity - of your design
2. Execution - of the particular style
3. Presentation - this is where theatrics and a costume can help

Rules of the contest are as follows:

1. You must be going on spring break to be eligible for the contest
2. You must declare a category when we get to NC
3. You can have a mustache or beard or a combination of both
4. Both traditional designs and original designs are accepted
5. Facial hair hygiene is not essential or necessarily encouraged
6. Costumes are encouraged to help tie together your facial hair theme
7. The facial hair winner will be determined by a panel of judges and the winner will receive a secret super-special prize
8. You can try as hard as you want, but no one will probably top Dave Madden’s mustache. Ever.

Some help on designs can be found on the US National Beard Growing Team’s website:
If you wish to participate, you must email me by Friday March 6th.

Go and get your mustache on,


Click the link. It's fairly mind-blowing. Example:

Toot Joslin

I predict good times on this trip.

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