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- Rod Dixon

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Odds and Ends: Alyssa Doesn't Get My Jokes

... or maybe I just don't get her's. Alyssa seems to have misunderstood my post yesterday or I missed her sarcasm. In cycling lingo "29 and single" means you ride a 29" single-speed mountain bike. Not that you are necessarily 29 y/o and lonely - though I'll admit there is a correlation.
On a somewhat unrelated note I found this is a mousepad I found at cafe press. It really should be a shirt because WTF buys mouse pads? But I only endorse this image because the pedal is clearly a SPD clipless pedal thus the shirt is supporting single speed riding (most likely commuting or on the track because a MTB would have eggbeaters) and not fixies. Not that I have anything against fixsters as a whole (as long as they know what their doing). It's just that I'm all about performance:

Every time I see a fixster riding around a $2,000 set of trispoke aero HED3s wheels on a $500 frame I want to pull over, hit him (not that I wouldn't hit a chick - it's always a dude), take the wheels to build a proper TT bike so I can embarrass myself at yet another discipline of cycling, and slap this sicker on their top tube.

Unless of course they already have a TTMBL where the sticker would go.

Then I just wouldn't stop hitting them.

Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend.


  1. hahaha. yeah...definitely didn't pick up on the joke.

    Just as a sidebar, to clarify for all the dudes out there:

    I'm 24 and single. Like for reals single.

  2. WAHOO!!! Happy to see the updates rollin' again!

    I'm thinking of making the MUBE fixed ... just for fun.

  3. So, what does "single speed riding" mean?