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Geek Out: New MTB Shoes

The shoe on the right is the new MTB shoe I bought last week for the now rescheduled Michaux Mash.  The shoe on the left is the "MTB" shoe I've been using the last 4 months. If you can't tell it's a 10 year old road shoe that came free with Golden Boy when I bought him in 2004. It fit me like a sock and had all the traction of a ski. How I ran up the muddy and snowy hills of Patapsco while pushing my bike in those shoes this winter I'll never know. 

I bring this up because I have an odd habit of holding out on buying nice equipment as long as possible. I did this with arm warmers, booties, carbon bikes, race wheels/tires, vests, and now proper MTB shoes.

Mostly I do it because it's cheeper but it also helps me appreciate and understand the function of nice equipment a bit more once I do give in. That way I know I'm getting something I really want and need based on my preferences.

What about you? Do you go right in for the nice stuff or do you hold out a little?

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  1. When I decide I have to buy something... I usually spend days, weeks, and sometimes even months researching said item until I feel unwaveringly confident in what the right choice, no, the ONLY choice is that satisfies all of my needs. This usually ends up with me buying something just out of my experience level, but allows for me to "grow into it," so to speak. I feel that through my research I tend to gain the appropriate level of respect for the product in question.

    However, I do like your approach of hands-on, learned appreciation. Then it truly feels like a treat to upgrade. Of course, I'm a beginner cyclist in the eyes of many and are buying many things for the first time so perhaps my idea of "nice" is equivalent to your idea of "time to upgrade," if that makes sense.