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The Lifestyle: KBS Pro Cycling Cribs

This is a fun little video from the Pro Team with the same title sponsor as my amateur team (Kelly Benefit Stratagies). I don't know Reid personally but he got his Ph.D. in physics across the street from where I work at Hopkins and a couple of my coworkers are friends with him.

Here is a blurb from the team website:

Reid Mumford, a.k.a. Madness, is an original team member from KBS' 2007 launch, and has been a key part of the team's success since day one. He started out racing mountain bikes in Park City, Utah in the early 90's and got hooked after coming in fifth in a downhill time trial. He transitioned into road racing, competing on the John Hopkins University collegiate team (where he recieved his PhD in High Energy Particle Physics), earning the attention of KBS owner and local cycling patron John Kelly, who signed "Madness" to his amateur team in Baltimore, and the rest is history. Reid had his best season yet in '09, winning a stage in Uruguay and finishing fourth in the USPRO time trial. If not on his bike, Reid can be found in his sweet mobile home, which he uses to travel to and from American races with his wife Jenny and son Magnus "Mini Madness" Mumford in tow.

On the topic of random connections, a new guy showed up to a group ride last night and after a few minutes of conversation we realized we probably ran against each other in high school. Small world as they say.

That's all for now. I have a million things to do at work, on the bike and around the house to get ready to leave for spring break tomorrow. I'll try and write up some more posts on the drive and should be able to post from down in N.C.

Keep it real,

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